Cheese Cupid Pairing: 2006 Daniel et Martine Barraud Pouilly-Fuissé


by Cheese Cupid


It’s mid-November. Beloved Oktoberfest celebrations have come and gone. There’s a crisp breeze felt throughout, at least half of, the country. This can only mean one thing. America’s full-bellied, warm-hearted, turkey-loving holiday is almost here. Thanksgiving.

The season of giving has begun. In spirit of the season, why not share a bright chardonnay and Wisconsin Cheese pairing with family and friends?

The first Wisconsin Cheese Cupid “Pairing of the Week” is a 2006 Pouilly-Fuissé from Daniel et Martine Barraud in Burgundy, France. This chardonnay is 100 percent organic, from grapes harvested by hand and bottled without filtration. This vintage is bright yellow, with a full body and firm acidity. It has notes of pear, tangerine and lemon. Pair it with soft cheeses known for their mild flavor and high moisture content, or semi-soft cheeses known for their melt-in-your-mouth texture. Try this wine with BelGioioso Fresh Mozzarella, Roth Käse MezzaLuna Fontina or Edelweiss Creamery Butterkäse.

BelGioioso Fresh Mozzarella is a soft cheese, with a delicate flavor and texture. It is made from cow’s milk by kneading and stretching the curds. This cheese is not cured or aged, and is kept fresh by being submerged in water. It goes well with bread, in salads and in baked dishes.

Roth Käse MezzaLuna Fontina is a semi-soft, Italian Alpine-style cheese, ideal for melting and blending. It has a meaty flavor with a hint of mushroom. It is delicious with poultry, pastas, seafood and mushroom dishes.

Butterkäse is a semi-soft cheese of German origin, literally meaning “butter cheese.” Edelweiss Creamery Butterkäse is pale yellow, mild, creamy and delicate. Try it with cured meats, fruit and bread.