Cheese Cupid Pairing: 2006 Liberty School Cabernet Sauvignon



by Cheese Cupid


It’s late November. Thanksgiving festivities have come to an end, but many winter holidays are right around the corner. Yes, the entertaining season is in full swing. What better time to try all your favorite wine, beer and Wisconsin Cheese pairings?

This week’s wine to pair with your holiday meals is a 2006 Liberty School cabernet sauvignon, with grapes from multiple vineyards in Paso Robles. Grapes from multiple vineyards give the winemakers the best pick of grapes from different soils and microclimates. Liberty School cabernet sauvignon matures in ten percent new oak, for one year, before blending and bottling.

The 2006 cab vintage is full-bodied with notes of cherry and vanilla. It has soft tannins and a smooth finish. Pair it with red meats and semi-aged, semi-hard cheeses. Try a glass with Upland Cheese’s Pleasant Ridge Reserve, Hook’s Sweet Constantine, or Stella Aged Asiago.

Upland Cheese’s Pleasant Ridge Reserve is a Gruyère-style cheese made from raw milk. The nutty, grassy flavor of Pleasant Ridge Reserve comes from the combination of fresh, carefully selected, pasture-produced milk and traditional cultures and enzymes. The cheese is stored in a caved environment for four months and washed and turned daily.

Hook’s Sweet Constantine is a firm, whole-milk cheese, with flavor characteristics of both Parmesan and Asiago. This cheese is excellent for cooking and topping off dishes.

Asiago resembles a cross between Cheddar and Parmesan. Stella Aged Asiago is slightly sweeter, smoother, and nuttier than Parmesan. It can be grated over bread, salads, soups, vegetables, seafood, pasta and pizza.