Cheese Cupid Pairing: Glenlivet Single Malt Scotch Whisky


by Cheese Cupid


Celebrations are plentiful this season. The holidays are full of seasonings greetings and cheer.

Spread the goodwill with this week’s Wisconsin Cheese Cupid pairing, a 12 year Glenlivet Single Malt Scotch Whisky, from George & J.G. Smith Distillery.

This scotch, known as “The Single Malt that Started It All,” this whisky is bright and gold with a pineapple and apricot nose. Aged in French Oak casks, the whisky’s bouquet opens up with vanilla and nutty notes. Honey, peach and pear are present on the palate. Pair this elegant whisky with Hook’s 10-year Cheddar, Carr Valley Cheese Virgin-Pine Native Blue, Bleu Mont Dairy Gouda or the fall edition of Otter Creek Organic Farm Raw Milk Seasonal Cheddar.

Hook’s 10-year Cheddar has a full, rich Cheddar flavor and a smooth finish. It has won first place at the American Cheese Society Competition and is the only 10-year cheddar to have received this honor. This Cheddar is a great appetizer and will impress the masses.

Carr Valley Cheese Virgin-Pine Native Blue is not a traditional blue cheese. First this cheese is matured and then it is pierced to become a blue. This allows native molds from the aging to naturally penetrate the cheese. This cheese is very earthy tastes best accompanying dishes.

Bleu Mont Dairy Gouda is a 10-month aged Gouda. This creamy cheese is sweet and nutty. It holds up well with meats, vegetables and in a fondue.

Otter Creek Organic Farm Raw Milk Seasonal Cheddar is produced from a herd of 180 farmstead Holsteins grazing on organic fields. It is made by the Master Cheesemaker at Cedar Grove Cheese. The fall edition of the Raw Milk Seasonal Cheddar is made from the cows’ feeding on silage made from fermented alfalfa and grasses cut from the pastures. The fast content of the milk is a lot higher in colder months, thus the fall cheese is much creamier.