Cheese Cupid Pairing: 2003 Porto


by Cheese Cupid


This week’s Cheese Cupid Pairing of the Week is a Tawny Port from Noval Fine Ports.

Port wine is a fortified wine, originating from Portugal. The 2003 Tawny Port is an elegant, amber hued wine, aged for three years in oak barrels. On the palate, it is well balanced, with raspberry characteristics and a fresh finish.

Pair this Port with strong Wisconsin Cheeses such as Monforte Blue, Sartori Reserve Dolcina Gorgonzola or Hook’s Cheese 7-year Aged Cheddar.

Monforte Blue was started almost seven years ago by the Wisconsin Farmers Union. They hired a cheesemaker and started a tiny plant in Montfort, Wisconsin. Monforte Blue is a strong and unique Blue Cheese. It has won first place at the American Cheese Society competition.

Sartori Reserve Dolcina Gorgonzola is a velvety, buttery, sweet, blue-veined cheese. Extra cream softens the tangy tones of traditional Blue Cheese.

Hook’s Cheese 7-year Aged Cheddar is a favorite among chefs. The seven years of aging gives this Cheddar distinct calcium lactate crystals and tons of flavor. From a small factory on the corner of Jail Alley and Commerce St. in historic Mineral Point, Tony and Julie Hook produce some of Wisconsin’s finest traditional and artisan cheeses. All of the milk for Hook’s Cheese comes from a carefully selected group of 25 small family farms in the rural area surrounding Mineral Point. Demand for more aged cheeses has soared in recent years as consumers seek more flavorful products. Hook’s recently released a 15-year Aged Cheddar that has sold out. It will be released again in March, and will, indubitably, fly off the shelves.

What is your favorite Wisconsin Cheese to pair with a Port? Or do you prefer to pair your aged cheeses with another libation?