Cheese Cupid Pairing: 2006 Cambria Chardonnay


by Cheese Cupid


This week our Wisconsin Cheese Cupid pairing is a 2006 Cambria Chardonnay.

Chardonnay is a white wine made from the chardonnay grape and one of America’s most popular wines. Often aged in oak barrels, it is known as a buttery, rich, crisp wine that is often the driest of white wines. The 2006 Cambria Chardonnay is from Katherine’s Vineyard in Northern Santa Barbara County. Named after the proprietor’s eldest daughter, this wine is aged in French oak barrels and has a sturdy acidity. This vintage is bright with citrus, apple, and vanilla aromas.

Pair a glass of this chardonnay with Silver Lewis Cheese Co-op Brick, Yellowstone Cheese Monterey Jack, or Saxon Homestead Creamery Saxony Tilsit.

Located in Green County, Wisconsin, often known as Wisconsin’s cheese epicenter, Silver Lewis Cheese Co-op is well respected for its Muenster and Brick. Brick cheeses resemble Germany’s surface-ripened Beer Cheese or Beer Käse. Wisconsin cheesemakers produce Brick in mild, medium, and aged varieties. Silver Lewis Cheese Co-op Brick atop Oliveto Pizza is the perfect meal next to the Cambria Chardonnay.

Yellowstone Cheese is located in Cadott, Wisconsin and offers more than 20 different flavors of Monterey Jack, including apple wine, black olive, tomato basil, and bacon ranch. The name Yellowstone Cheese is used because the farm is located on the Yellowstone Trail, which is the first automobile route from Plymouth Rock to Puget Sound. Pair a glass of Cambria Chardonnay with some caraway or vegetable Monterey Jack. Looking for an interesting recipe to use with Monterey Jack? Try these Duck Confit Enchiladas.

Saxon Homestead Creamery is a fifth-generation dairy farm in Cleveland, Wisconsin. The cheese from this producer, Tilsit, is a German-style cow’s milk cheese that is smooth, soft, and buttery. One specific Tilsit, branded Saxony, is a sophisticated cheese with a nutty flavor and supple body.Saxony ismade from whole, raw cow’s milk. The cheese has light, dry, washed rind that’s ripened a minimum of 90 days.