Cheese Cupid Pairing: 2007 Four Graces Pinot Noir


by Cheese Cupid


A 2007 Four Graces Pinot Noir is our Wisconsin Cheese Cupid Pairing of the Week. This pinot, from Willamette Valley, Oregon, was ranked the 21st most popular pinot noir in the 20th Annual Wine and Spirits Restaurant Poll.

Known for being soft, smooth, earthy and elegant, this vintage is aged for over 10 months in French oak barrels. It has vibrant flavors of strawberry and blackberry, with concentrated tannins and notes of wild mushrooms. Because of its bright flavors and aged focus, this pinot noir pairs well with nearly all types of Wisconsin Cheese.

Stella Fontinella, BelGioioso Parmesan, and Seymour Green Crest Gorgonzola are all delicious cheeses to try with this unique “New World Burgundy.”

Stella Fontinella is a variation of the semi-soft cheese Fontina. Fontina first became popular in the United States when it was imported from Sweden. Made only by Stella Cheese, located in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Fontinella is a sweet and creamy cheese with a slight hint of tanginess. Serve a glass of Four Graces Pinot Noir with Stella Fontinella and cured meats such as prosciutto and salami, crusty bread, and delicate fruits like peaches, melons, and figs.

A hard cheese, Parmesan is sweet, nutty, and granular in texture, becoming rich and intense with age. Parmesan is very popular in the United States, which has led to the production of many U.S. award-winning Parmesans, including BelGioioso located in Denmark, Wisconsin, which won first place at the 2009 World Cheese Awards. Made from part-skim milk and aged for over 10 months, BelGioioso Parmesan is delicious when grated on pasta, rice, soup, and salads.

Gorgonzola is named after the town located in the Po Valley, near Milan, Italy, where it has been made since 879 A.D. Italian-style Gorgonzola ripens to yield a soft, creamy texture and a flavor that is more earthy than sharp. Wisconsin Italian-style Gorgonzola resembles the dolce latte or sweet milk Gorgonzolas of Italy that are especially creamy. Seymour Green Crest Gorgonzola features a green mold that is imported directly from Italy. Seymour Green Crest Gorgonzola pairs well with apples, nuts, poultry, and a glass of Four Graces Pinot Noir. Spoil yourself and a loved one with a glass of Four Graces Pinot Noir and a Wisconsin Gorgonzola Orzo Salad with Blood Orange Vinaigrette, Calabrese Salami, Rock Shrimp, and Baby Arugula tonight.