Cheese Cupid Pairing: Sunshine Wheat Beer


by Cheese Cupid


The sun is out. The birds are chirping. The sky is blue. What better way to enjoy your week than with this week’s Cheese Cupid pairing? A Sunshine Wheat Beer and an array of unique Wisconsin Cheeses.

Sunshine Wheat Beer, brewed by the New Belgium Brewing Co., offers an American alternative to heavier-bodied Hefeweizens. This beer pours with a light golden color and a thick, white head. With aromas of zesty lemon and coriander, Sunshine Wheat has a light malt and hop flavor and a crisp mouthfeel.

Pair Sunshine Wheat with Roelli Cheese Baby Swiss, Roth Käse Grand Cru Gruyère and Organic Valley Family of Farms Feta.

Roelli Cheese, located in Shullsburg, Wisconsin, reopened its historic factory in 2007, continuing a nearly 100-year-old family tradition of producing artisan cheeses. Roelli Cheese produces several cheeses including Swiss, Überkäse and Baby Swiss. Baby Swiss is soft, silky, mild and creamier than Swiss Cheese and is ideal for melting. Roelli Cheese Baby Swiss is a delicious companion for a glass of Sunshine Wheat Beer.

Roth Käse Grand Cru Gruyère, a traditional Swiss-style cheese, is cured for over four months, resulting in smooth, floral notes. This cheese melts very well, making it perfect for fondue and grilled sandwiches. Make your next panini with Roth Käse Grand Cru Gruyère and pair with a cold glass of Sunshine Wheat.


Originating in Greece, Feta Cheese is traditionally made with sheep’s or goat’s milk and is crumbly, yet moist. Wisconsin Feta is often made with cow’s milk and packed in a brine. Organic Valley Family of Farms Feta is one of the few Wisconsin organic Feta Cheeses. Pair Greek Burgers with Wisconsin Feta and New Belgium Brewing Co. Sunshine Wheat Beer for a delectable meal.

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