Grilled Cheese Academy: The Benedict


by Grilled Shane

When I first learned about The Grilled Cheese Academy Web site, my life was turned upside down. It is not every day that a site devoted to all things grilled cheese pops up on the Internet.

I immediately went through the site, choosing my favorite recipes/sandwiches, including the The Benedict, a breakfast grilled cheese sandwich. I decided I had to make this sandwich as soon as possible.

However, as I am Jewish and keep Kosher, I needed to delete one ingredient that most of America loves: bacon. My apologies to all of the bacon lovers out there; I mean no disrespect.

With the assistance of my sous-chef, I made sure to choose only Wisconsin cheeses. I mean, how could I not? For the Sharp Cheddar spread, I chose Kaukauna Sharp Cheddar. When I first read “Wisconsin Sharp Cheddar cheese spread,” my thought was “Cheez Whiz™” that comes in a can. I was 100 percent wrong. This Sharp Cheddar cheese has a powerful flavor that is reminiscent of traditional Wisconsin Cheddar, only spreadable. For the Gouda, I selected Dofino Gouda. This red-waxed Gouda is light, creamy, and buttery, with just a hint of nuttiness.

Since I had never really made a grilled cheese sandwich such as this, I made sure to follow the recipe exactly, which increased the preparation and cooking times. However, after actually cooking this sandwich, I realized it is really easy to make, whether you are a novice or expert.

When making—and then eating—The Benedict, make sure all of the ingredients are included in each bite and you’ll quickly realize that this sandwich is absolutely unbelievable.

Not one ingredient feels out of place, and all of the ingredients blend to make one unique flavor. The Sharp Cheddar cheese spread adds an amazing flavor that is unmatched within the rest of the sandwich. An added bonus was the nutty Gouda that makes you savor every bite. English muffins are not my favorite bread, yet they worked perfectly with this sandwich. The poached egg, which I had previously never made, was the proverbial cherry on top.

Prior to The Benedict, I prepared The Athena, a Mediterranean sandwich from the Grilled Cheese Academy, and although it was very tasty, it did not hold a candle to The Benedict. This grilled cheese sandwich is one that should be tasted by all.