Giveaway: Squeaky Cheese in Disguise

by Wisconsin Cheese


Memorial Day weekend is almost here and we’re still giving away t-shirts and aprons for two more days. To win a Cheese & Burger Society t-shirt or Cheese Cupid apron, be the first to answer the following: (Remember to answer in the comment section of this post.)

  • Which Cheese & Burger Society cheeseburger is topped with the famously fresh and squeaky Wisconsin Cheese Curd? (Hint: Visit
  • Which Cheese & Burger Society cheeseburger is a Reuben sandwich cleverly disguised as a cheeseburger, or a cheeseburger cleverly disguised as a Reuben sandwich? (Hint: Visit

Congratulations to James (t-shirt) and Laura (apron) for being yesterday’s winners!

(One prize her household. US only.)