Giveaway: A (Stinky) Cheeseburger Romance

by Wisconsin Cheese


Today’s the last day for the t-shirt and apron giveaway.

Answer one of the last two questions (in the comment section of this post) for a chance to win a Cheese & Burger Society t-shirt or Cheese Cupid apron.

Happy Memorial Day weekend! Enjoy the rest of National Burger Month with a delicious Wisconsin cheese-smothered burger this weekend and get set for the start of June Dairy Month next week!

  • If you’re craving a little burger and cheese romance, which Cheese & Burger Society cheeseburger is your match? (Hint: Visit
  • Which German-derived beverage goes well with a cheeseburger topped with Limburger, Brick Cheese, and Swiss Cheese, to name a few? (Hint: Visit

Congratulations to Alisa (t-shirt) and Leah (apron) for being yesterday’s winners!

(One prize her household. US only.)