Grilled Cheese, Seven Ways

Smoked Salmon

by Katherine of  Kath Eats

June is National Dairy Month and I can’t think of a better way to celebrate than with a cheese sandwich. Give me a loaf of bread and a few hunks of cheese and I am one happy girl. I like my cheese strong and my bread doughy – the perfect blend of texture and flavor.

Luckily there’s an easy way to carry the pleasures of this combination into everyday life: the cheese sandwich. With so many sandwich variety these days, there’s no need to settle for turkey and mustard.

From Fontina to Camembert to Edam, Wisconsin has been making outstanding cheeses for more than 160 years. I haven’t met a Wisconsin cheese I haven’t liked – and there are 600 varieties, types and styles! Step outside of the cheese cube and try a new variety.

Here are a few of my favorite combinations:

Smoked Salmon + Wisconsin Havarti Quesadilla

On a whole grain tortilla, layer some wild Alaskan smoked salmon with slices of your favorite Wisconsin Havarti – flavored or traditional – and a tablespoon of capers. Sprinkle on some dill or your favorite fresh herbs. If you’d like, grill it in a skillet until the cheese begins to melt – but it tastes great cold too! Cut into wedges and nibble away.

Fried Egg + Wisconsin Fontina

Eggs are often forgotten on sandwiches, but they make for a simple and inexpensive protein source. Cook an egg in a skillet, breaking the yolk early so it cooks flat. Top with a slice of Wisconsin Swiss cheese just before removing from the skillet and slide between two slices of a seedy whole wheat bread. Garnish with baby spinach, avocado or oregano.

Tomato, Basil + Fresh Wisconsin Mozzarella

A summertime favorite when the maters are sweet and the basil blooming! Serve mini tomato, basil, Mozzarella sandwiches on rolls at your next cookout. Or layer thick slices of Wisconsin Fresh Mozzarella onto a portabello mushroom, top with basil and tomato and add a second mushroom for a vegetarian shroom sandwich.

Grilled Wisconsin Blue + Herbed Turkey

To make every bite of cheese as delicious as the next, choose Wisconsin Blue cheese. You’ll be able to taste it on this sandwich! I always buy Wisconsin Blue cheese in block form, as I find it much more flavorful than pre-crumbled. And straight from a Wisconsin creamery will guarantee optimal bite and flavor. For a great grilled summer sandwich layer Wisconsin Blue cheese, herbed turkey, tomato, honey mustard, and lettuce between two slices of crusty French sourdough. Grill until the outsides are crisp and the cheese begins to melt.

Anjou Pear + Wisconsin Brie

Ah fruit, cheese and bread – a French picnic in sandwich form! I like to thinly slice an apple or ripe pear and pear, I mean pair, it with Wisconsin Brie for a stinky, sweet lunch. I like to use a fruit and nut bread to complement the fruit in between. A cinnamon raisin or apple pecan would be divine!

Tempeh + Wisconsin Gruyère

Did you know? You can eat raw tempeh! I use it as an easy alternative to deli meat. I prefer the kind made with grains. It’s chewy, so just slice it thinly and load it up with a flavorful cheese such as Wisconsin Gruyère. Jam makes a nice touch as well!


Wisconsin White Cheddar + Jam

And lastly, Cheddar and jam are one of my other very favorite pairings. For this sandwich I spread a berry jam onto whole wheat bread and add slices of Wisconsin Sharp White Cheddar. Spinach adds nutrients and color. This sandwich is thick and hearty!

Whatever your sandwich fancy is, a little cheese goes a long way. So long as you’re choosing something high in quality and full of flavor! Check out the Grilled Cheese Academy for more tasty combinations!