Cheese and Burger Society Brings on the Red, White and Blue

The Uncle Sam

by Wisconsin Cheese


Today is the one year anniversary of the Cheese & Burger Society! Enjoy cheeseburgers all weekend long and celebrate Independence Day with Cheese & Burger Society classics that bring on the Red, White and Blue. Impress your Fourth of July guests with one (or more) of the following Cheese & Burger Society masterpieces that distinctively and delectably honor America’s history.


No. 3 The Uncle Sam with Wisconsin Cheddar this All-American cheeseburger will have your taste buds singing “The Star-Spangled Banner” after just one bite. Yes, the Uncle Sam is ready to serve this country from sea to shining sea.

Ingredients: Wisconsin Cheddar cheese, 2 beef patties, iceberg ettuce, tomatoes, bacon, mayonnaise, ketchup, sliced red onions, burger bun

No.6 The Honky Tonk with Wisconsin Brick This good ol’ American boy is loaded with the stuff that can turn a boy into a man and a man into a living legend that country songs are written about.

Ingredients: Wisconsin Brick cheese, beef patty, BBQ sauce, peppered pork, onion rings, Boston Bibb lettuce, mayonnaise, toasted sesame burger bun

No. 7 The Farmer John with Wisconsin Limburger America’s heartland cheeseburger, stands strong and proud, with a bevy of hunger-satisfying fixings, The Farmer John is for anyone who ends the day with calloused hands and a sweaty brow.

Ingredients: Wisconsin Limburger cheese, beef patty, bacon, onion rings, hash browns, white French bread slices

No. 12 The Highwayman with Wisconsin Brick and Wisconsin Cheddar Chances are, you’ve encountered The Highwayman at a roadside diner, a truck stop café, or some burger joint off the beaten path America was built with the open road in mind.

Ingredients: Wisconsin Brick cheese, Wisconsin Cheddar cheese, beef patty, ham, fried egg, onion rings, BBQ sauce, toasted knot bun

No. 18 The Pioneer with Wisconsin Aged Swiss A throwback to a time when the first American settlers grew their own vegetables and hunted their own meat, The Pioneer is fresh, wild, and as natural as the untamed Earth.

Ingredients: Wisconsin Aged Swiss cheese, 2 beef patties, sautéed wild mushrooms, cremini mushrooms, rosemary, bacon, garlic aioli, lettuce, sesame seed bun

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Congratulations to this week’s Bamboo Cheese Set winners: Aaron, Jasmine, Danny, Jan and Autumn!