Pan-Roasted Shrimp with Wisconsin Aged Parmesan


by Wisconsin Cheese

Chef Michael Symon Tip – “When you’re working with citrus, and you want to juice it, let it come to room temperature first so those juices really come out.”

This week is the premiere of Favorite Foods with Chef Michael Symon, a new 12-part cooking series presented by Wisconsin Cheese. The first recipe is Pan-Roasted Shrimp with Wisconsin Aged Parmesan.

One of Chef Michael Symon’s original dishes at his restaurant Lola, this rich and full-bodied signature dish features pan-roasted shrimp, white beans, grape tomatoes, lemon vinaigrette and a buttery Wisconsin Aged Parmesan cheese.

“Lemon and seafood is classic together. The lemon is also going to go great with that nutty, salty, delicious cheese,” says Chef Michael Symon.

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