The Atlanta by KathEats


by Katherine of Kath Eats, in honor of Cheeseburgers Across America

Recently my husband, Matt, and I choose to pay a grilling tribute to the southeast with The Atlanta cheeseburger from Cheeseburgers Across America.

According to the Cheese & Burger Society, “The Atlanta knows a thing or two about Southern charm. Packed with comfort-food goodness, it can please the hungriest of appetites in just one bite. It’s overflowing with fried mac and cheese, pickled jalapeños, and thick peppered bacon. Undeniably, Southern hospitality at its tastiest.”

Would you believe that I am 28 years old and have never had a cheeseburger with bacon on it!?

As a registered dietitian who loves ingredients like sprouts and chia seeds, if I’m going to sink my teeth into a cheeseburger, I’m usually ordering the fru-fru version that includes some vegetables, Wisconsin Blue cheese, mushrooms and micro greens.

So The Atlanta was my first bacon cheeseburger. And now I understand what all the hype is about!

When making The Atlanta, the ingredients list calls for Wisconsin Havarti to top the burgers, but I was in the mood for a little extra spice. This Wisconsin Pepper Jack was perfect for the job.

For the rest of the cheeseburger, we chose a good mix of ingredients including bison from Virginia, where we live. Matt is a baker, so I asked him to make a couple of buns for the occasion. He made these fifty-percent whole-wheat buns studded with the same Wisconsin Pepper Jack cheese that we used on the cheeseburgers. They were quite tasty!

Also on the menu: pickled jalapeños, local bacon, greens (for nutrition!), and Wisconsin Pepper Jack cheese. We omitted the fried mac and cheese on top of the cheeseburger, but I highly encourage you to try it – made with Wisconsin Aged Cheddar – sounds scrumptious!

For the meat, we kept our cheeseburgers simple, just the bison with a little salt and pepper. All the fun was in the toppings!

The cheeseburgers and bacon sizzled away and when they hit medium-rare, we piled them on the buns – cheese ooze and all.

My first taste of The Atlanta? Awesome. The spicy, melty Wisconsin Pepper Jack cheese and jalapeños amped up the flavor, while small bits of crispy bacon added a layer of richness. The Wisconsin Pepper Jack cheese added to the buns was fantastic! Of course, I also involved ketchup and mustard – my personal cheeseburger requirements. Served with a pile of crunchy kale chips for southern and healthy good measure!

The Atlanta – that’s one bacon cheeseburger I would eat again!

Check out a video of Kath making The Atlanta.