GranQueso and Caramelized Onion Quesadillas

by Lori of Burp! Where Food Happens

Light up those BBQ grills and get out the old pigskin!  As the baseball season heads down its home stretch, it’s time for some serious football-season tailgating.
And let’s face it, one of the best things about football season is really the food. Whether it’s a make-your-own-slider bar, a loaded chili bowl party, an appetizer extravaganza, or an all-out brats and burgers grill fest, your next tailgating party is the perfect time to show off your versatility in cooking on the grill and try out some delicious new recipes.
What kind of recipes, you ask?
Well, why not imagine a crisp quesadilla made with sweet caramelized onions, salty Wisconsin Cheese, and topped with a sweet & tangy sour cherry chutney relish?
Sound good? Then you need to get out a block of Wisconsin GranQueso – Similar in style to Spanish Manchego, GranQueso has a firm body and a rich, full flavor. This handcrafted cow’s milk cheese is shelf-cured and has a traditional basket-weave rind.
It’s delicious grated over squash, potato, or leek soup, or eaten alongside roasted red peppers and Serrano ham. But, it also happens to be the perfect match for the deliciously sour-but-jammy flavor of sour cherry chutney.
The best part is, with a little bit of advanced preparation, these flavorful quesadillas can be thrown together with ease and grilled up in a matter of minutes. Rest assured, this dish will have the fans around your section of the parking lot giving you high fives well before the first touchdown is ever scored.
For the wine drinkers at your tailgate, serve up a bit of Spanish Rioja or Tempranillo. For the beer crowd, pair these delicious bites with an amber ale or wheat beer.