Cheese of the Month: Wisconsin Emmentaler

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by Wisconsin Cheese
Swiss in origin, Wisconsin Emmentaler is traditionally made in 200-pound wheels with multiple central holes the size of marbles and aged 10 to 12 months. Often known as Swiss cheese, the tradition of making this cheese in such large wheels began in the Middle Ages when cheesemakers were taxed on the number of pieces they produced rather than total weight.
Wisconsin Emmentaler is a full-flavored, nutty cheese that is delicious on top of gratins and in casserole dishes, as it melts well and develops a golden brown crust when broiled. Tangy and buttery, Emmentaler is also a traditional cheese for fondue, pairs deliciously with crusty bread and is a delicious cheese on sandwiches.

Perfect for crisp autumn evenings, below are two of our favorite grilled cheese sandwich recipes with Wisconsin Emmentaler. For more autumn grilled cheese sandwich ideas visit