Cheese of the Month: Queso Fresco


by Wisconsin Cheese

Originating in Spain, Queso Fresco is a soft, fresh, crumbly cheese with a delicate texture and a creamy flavor – similar to a mild Feta. Queso Fresco, Spanish for “fresh cheese” is traditionally made from cow’s milk by draining and pressing cooked curds in cheesecloth for three to five hours. After it is fully drained, it must be served immediately or refrigerated, as it is highly perishable.

Serve Wisconsin Queso Fresco alongside enchiladas and empanadas or melted in quesadillas. A delicious cheese to top your favorite recipes, enjoy these Corn Cakes with Wisconsin Queso Fresco Salsa during a leisurely breakfast this weekend – serve with a cold glass of OJ, or a mimosa to really complete the morning.