Around the Cheese Board with Chef Stephanie Izard

WI Cheese Steph Izard

by Wisconsin Cheese

From vegetables, legumes and fruits to dairy, cattle and poultry – Chef Stephanie Izard, of Girl & The Goat, is well known for her ever-changing menus of the freshest, locally grown and produced ingredients. Her seasonal panzanella is a delectable welcome to spring with artichokes, strawberries and Wisconsin Fresh Mozzarella, a recipe adapted from her new book Girl in the Kitchen. Featured on, “In the Kitchen” this month, Chef Izard dishes out her Wisconsin Cheese favorites and tips on tasting cheeses.

On Girl & The Goat: Our mission is simple: make tasty food served in a fun environment. No pretense. Just fun.

On serving local: We spend a lot of time at local farms. Recently we were part of the first “Chef Camp,” where a group of us spent a couple of days on a farm learning about everything from growing vegetables seasonally and housing honeybees to milking cows and raising pigs. I even got to pluck my first chicken. Experiences on farms help you appreciate every bite you take – knowing what hard work goes into it.

On local ingredients: If you do not start with great ingredients, it is impossible to make great food. I love feeling proud of the products we use.

Dish of the moment: We use Evalon in a simple kohlrabi salad with a ginger maple dressing, alonds, nicoise and fresh mint. Though it is simple, it is one of my favorites on the menu!

On pairing cheese: Great Wisconsin Cheddar with a nice stout is hard to beat!

On tasting cheese: Try different cheeses of the same type next to each other. It is amazing to see the differences there are based on the cheesemakers tastes and even the grass the animals eat. And don’t be afraid to try new things! If you say you do not like Blue cheese, you may be missing out on a world of deliciousness from some wonderful Wisconsin cheesemakers.