Cheese of the Month: Feta

WI Cheese_Feta

by Wisconsin Cheese

A fresh-style cheese, Feta was first made in Greece from sheep’s or goat’s milk. In Wisconsin, producers make Feta from cow’s milk. Tart, salty and crumbly, Feta is often referred to as “pickled” because it is packed in a brine (salt and water). The brine preserves the cheese for six months longer than most fresh cheeses.

Wisconsin Feta is perfect for traditional recipes such as pizza, pasta and salads, but it is also the perfect cheese to experiment with in new dishes. Try Feta stuffed in peppers, in fruit salads, and as a burger topping.

Our Wisconsin Four-Cheese Chiles Rellenos stars Wisconsin Feta and is superb. Featured with Wisconsin Asiago and Parmesan, Feta adds bold flavor to our White Bean Hummus Pizza.