A Peaceful Night: Gorgonzola + Les Frères


by Ashley of Not Without Salt

My Cheese Cupid story is that a night alone is so rare that it deserves to be celebrated. At least that’s my logic. I’m the sort who makes celebrations out of a completed task, a clean house, a full night of sleep and Wednesdays. I heartily welcome Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day and National Pie Day because they are an excuse for making the day feel special, chocolate, Irish stout and pie. Life needs celebrations, and for me a night to myself is more than enough reason for something special.

Cooking for myself is a completely different experience than when I have four other mouths to please. I spend much of the day calling upon my cravings and gathering ingredients for whatever it is I want. The food is often simple but plentiful. My favorite meals are those that involve many tastes and the idea is to simply graze the plate. Which is why a cheese plate is often my meal of choice alone.

A couple of Wisconsin cheesesGorgonzola and Les Frères – dried fruits, toasted nuts and a few haphazardly broken pieces of dark chocolate are my idea of the perfect meal. A light salad on the side helps lessen the guilt and rounds out the richness nicely. With crusty bread and hearty crackers I break into the cheeses, creating different combinations of flavors and tastes, leisurely researching which is my favorite – try a bite of pungent and sweet Wisconsin Gorgonzola with dried apricot and chocolate, or toasted walnuts drizzled with honey paired with Wisconsin Les Frères.

I linger over the meal with a Belgian beer in one hand and a good book in the other. The silence is almost as enjoyable as the meal. When the celebration and cheese are finished, I relish the satisfaction of feeling full and being refreshed at that time.