The Me-Pleasers: Cheddar + Brie


by Adrianna of A Cozy Kitchen

Inspired by “The Most Flavorful Stories Ever Told,” here’s my Cheese Cupid story…

Sometimes I have those “light weeks,” which leave me plenty of time to have a nice dinner out with friends, or even cook something awesome for myself. Of course, there is the opposite, which include super-long days where the only thing I feel like preparing is a cold bowl of cereal. Believe it or not, I love my bowls of cereal; there’s something simple and comforting about them, but one can only subsist on milk and sugar for so long. My new go-to, quick dinner option is to pick up one type of cheese and pair it with a few different snacks like nuts or fruit, while sipping on a cold glass of wine or bourbon. Throw in one of my favorite TV shows and it’s a pretty blissful evening. I recommend it! Sometimes it’s the lil’ things, you know?

Here are two of my favorite cheese plate options. They’re perfect for one — or two, if you’re into sharing.

Cheddar (pictured above) sounds like the boring and predictable option, but there’s nothing boring about this two-year-aged Wisconsin Cheddar. The flavor is full and nutty, while the texture is rich and crumbly. I love pairing it with some freshly sliced radishes, a handful of walnuts and a few sprinkles of good quality salt. While this would go perfectly with a glass of wine, I favor a glass of bourbon on the rocks.

We all love Wisconsin Brie, right? It’s a crowd-pleaser, and more importantly, in this case, it’s a “me” pleaser. I like to put it on a plate with whatever jam I have in my fridge (like this delicious quince paste), a handful of pistachios and some apple slices. I love to pile those things atop a water cracker and wash it down with a crisp glass of sauvignon blanc.

Mmm. Wisconsin Cheese. Cheers to a “me night.”