A Job Well Done: Cheddar-Blue + Gouda

miss_pairing_wisconsin cheese_1

by Milisa of Miss in the Kitchen

In my book, good news is always reason to celebrate. A few months back I started a new business endeavor and what better way to celebrate than with Wisconsin Cheese?

We would likely be considered cheese-a-holics around our house. It’s a title I think we are all proud of.

A wedge of Wisconsin Gouda, a block of Wisconsin Cheddar-Blue, a bunch of grapes, a few crackers and wine or ginger ale for the kids – voilà an instant celebration, for 5 or for 15! That’s what I love about cheese. It is as easy as pulling it out of the fridge and serving it. No need for a lot of prep time. That fits well with our busy lives. I put the ginger ale in wine glasses and the kids love it.

Wisconsin Gouda is a smooth and creamy cheese perfect with a white wine, while the earthy Wisconsin Cheddar-Blue pairs well with sweet grapes. Have you tried Wisconsin’s Cheddar-Blue cheeses? Oh my heavens, Cheddar-Blue is my new favorite cheese. I can’t wait to crumble it over a grilled burger.  I could go on and on about the possibilities. Somebody stop me.

Next time you have reason to celebrate, take it easy on yourself and create an instantly flavorful story with Wisconsin Cheese. (Inspired by Cheese Cupid Cinema.)