Summer Cheeseburger Recipe Inspiration


by Wisconsin Cheese

Dear Summer,
Thank you for long days soaking in the sun and sipping on cold lemonade.
Thank you for starry nights, campfire songs and gooey s’mores.
Thank you for big, charcoal-grilled, cheese-smothered burgers.

Cheeseburgers with Fresh Mozzarella, juicy tomatoes and peppery pesto – The Caprese.

Queso-dripping, avocado-shining, pico-de-gallo-overflowing cheeseburgers – The Queso Blanco.

Delicious Feta-topped, sweet-corn-zucchini-salad-dressed cheeseburgers on a mutigrain bun – The Summer.

Grass-fed beef burgers crowned with smooth Brie, crunchy scallions, tart cherries and crisp baby butter lettuce – The Sprouted Kitchen.