Cheese of the Month: BellaVitano

WI Cheese_BellaVitano

by Wisconsin Cheese

Combining the creamy flavors of young Cheddar and the bold crystalline crunch in aged Parmesan, BellaVitano is a distinct Wisconsin original. It’s a must try, so enjoy the first taste alone and savor the balance between Cheddar and Parmesan – then try it with salty sides such as green olives and pistachios, and sweet bites like jam and fresh fruit.

And for cooking? BellaVitano is a wonderful substitute in your favorite Parmesan and Cheddar dishes.

We love sprinkling BellaVitano on a frittata – like our Frittata Roma, with smoked sausage, sundried tomatoes and sweet artichokes – or over our Baked Eggs with Ham and Wisconsin Cheese.

Available in several creative flavors, like raspberry, espresso and balsamic, this tasty cheese will soon be a staple in your household.