Four Summer Cheese Tips

Summer_Wisconsin Cheese

by Wisconsin Cheese

Summer is full of long, sunny days and even longer, hot nights. During a season that’s overflowing with delicious fresh food, it is often hard to find time to cook big meals, or with kids running around at the pool, to even stop and eat a balanced meal. Here are our four tips to enjoy Wisconsin Cheese and a quick but healthy meal this summer. So keep it coming summer. Let the sun shine and the fireflies glow.

  1. Grill your grilled cheese! Have the kids put together some simple sandwich combos at the pool then turn the grill up and let that bread toast and cheese melt. We love Smoked Salmon + Wisconsin Havarti.
  2. Cook a lot at once then just reheat throughout the week – or enjoy your creations chilled! This Zucchini Fritters with Wisconsin Feta recipe is a tasty and creative grab-and-go lunch.
  3. Quesadillas are the perfect camping food. They are easy to make, require easy ingredients to pack and have endless variations. Three Cheese Poblano Quesadillas with Wisconsin Cream Cheese over the campfire. Yes, please.
  4. Salads will always reign royal to beat the heat. Add little prep time and a whole lot of protein to your salads with walnuts, wheatberries and Wisconsin Cheese. Make a Two Lover’s Salad for the perfect summer picnic.