Three Ways: Sweet Corn


by Wisconsin Cheese

With August comes so many beautiful, delicious and fresh fruits and vegetables — and, without a doubt, one of our favorites is sweet corn. We love grilling sweet corn right on the cob, and sprinkling it with a little salt and pepper and, instead of butter, Wisconsin Cheese! Whether using Feta, Parmesan, Cotija, or salty Aged Cheddar, Wisconsin Cheese on sweet corn is a must. But we love it in our summer recipes, too …

Like on Fresh Nachos with Wisconsin Muenster and Salsa Cruda. Perfection.

Then for breakfast, in Corn Cakes with Wisconsin Queso Fresco Salsa. So tasty.

Or mixed in our Lemony Tomato Corn Bake with Wisconsin Havarti. A family pleaser, indeed.