Wisconsin Cheesemakers in Autumn: Part 1


by Wisconsin Cheese

This October we visited a few cheesemakers around southwestern Wisconsin. Proud of Wisconsin’s talented cheesemakers and farmers, we snapped some photos to share with you. We’ll post some more pictures later this month.

1. A cheeseboard with delicious CreamyGorg, Italico, Ricotta, Burrata and Crescenza-Stracchino.

2. Aging Gruyère in Monroe, Wisconsin.

3. A cloudy day and Wisconsin beautiful countryside.

4. Box stamps for Limburger and Brick cheese.

5. Limburger cheese production in action.

6. The only Limburger cheese factory in the states.

7. MantecheProvolone with a stick of butter in the center.

8. Cheese heaven – aged Cheddar, Apple Smoked Cheddar, Blue cheese

9. More delicious Limburger aging on antique wooden shelves.