Wisconsin Cheesemakers in Autumn: Part 2


by Wisconsin Cheese

In mid-October, we had the pleasure of visiting some of southwestern Wisconsin’s wonderful cheese factories and farms. Last week we posted a few photos for you. Here are a few more of our favorite photos.

1. Rush Creek Reserve, ready for the holiday season.

2. A present for a local cheese shop’s 5th birthday.

3. The bottom tier of the “birthday cake” – an 80-pound wheel of Pleasant Ridge Reserve.

4. Overnight salt baths for Brick cheese in Theresa, Wisconsin.

5. A Wisconsin tradition: rye bread, mustard, Brick and onion.

6. Handed down through generations, bricks, literally, pressing down Brick cheese.

7. A new addition to the Wisconsin Cheese lineup: Truffle Les Frères.

8. A curious calf growing up at one of our cheesemaker’s family farms.

9. A morning sunrise, over one of Wisconsin’s poetic barns.