Wisconsin Cheese Holiday Pairing No. 1


by Wisconsin Cheese

Pears? Check. Crusty French bread? Check. Wisconsin Aged Cheddar? Indubitably.

For an easy holiday pairing sure to impress your guests this season turn to a classic Wisconsin Cheese and a bold presentation – our Pear Cider Reduction with Wisconsin Aged Cheddar Cheese.

Serving Tips:

  1. Cut the pears and line them up on your favorite serving plate.
  2. Mirror the pears with some warm slices of crusty bread from your local bakery.
  3. Let the Aged Cheddar, 2 years or older preferred, shine on a nicely sized cutting board with a cheese knife or two – letting guests easily slice off their desired amount.
  4. Serve the pear syrup in a small creamer dish or a few small dip bowls and serving spoons.
  5. Have guests pair your starter with a bold glass of syrah, tall milky porter or sweet snifter of brandy – delicious matches for a sharp, complex Cheddar.

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