6 Holiday Cheese Plate Tips


by Wisconsin Cheese

Looking for the perfect holiday appetizer? There isn’t a more modest or paramount entertaining accessory for the holidays than a cheese plate, and with today’s heightened enthusiasm for the heritage lifestyle, the cheese plate has never been more undemanding.

Cheese Plate Tips:

  1. Cheese No. 1: Go big or go home. Pick one blue-veined cheese to serve. It will provide a vibrancy of color to your plate.
  2. Preserve Your Fruit: Serve your favorite jam or preserves alongside the cheeses. This adds the sweet flavors of fruit without over-crowding a plate with slices of fruit.
  3. Cheese No. 2: A soft-ripened cheese is the perfect second cheese for your plate. Familiar to many but daring to some, it serves as the perfect bridge for those still learning about the vast variety of cheese types.
  4. Forget the Crackers: Nuts provide that rich, earthy texture without all the bulk – leaving more room to taste the many notes in each cheese. We like almonds, pecans, hazelnuts and pistachios.
  5. Cheese No. 3: The magic number three is perfect for a cheese board too. Try serving a semi-hard cheese for your third selection. Yes, Cheddar falls into this category, as does Gouda, Swiss and Gruyère (pictured).
  6. Presentation & Slicing: Place roughly quarter-pound servings of each cheese triangle evenly apart on a large cheese board or serving plate. Scatter the nuts between the cheeses and set the preserves in the mix. Last but not least, make sure you have a separate cheese knife for each cheese and for your preserve(s). There’s no need to mix the flavors of Blue cheese with Brie, right?

Visit CheeseCupid.com for cheese and libation pairing suggestions and bookmark our Cheese 101 tips for more information on choosing, handling and storing your cheese.

Photo courtesy of Ashley of NotWithoutSalt.com.