Six Fresh Herb Pairings for Your Wisconsin Cheese Board

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by Wisconsin Cheese

Welcome spring! Now that our calendar has declared the season officially begun, we are anxious to get our green thumbs busy cultivating an herb garden for easy access to fresh flavors. As you begin pondering which greens to plant, we have six herb pairings to inspire you and take Wisconsin Cheese Picks & Bites into the warm-weather months.

1. A trio that is a traditional favorite, the Caprese Pick, brings together garden grape tomatoes, fresh basil leaves and Wisconsin Mozzarella to make a bite-sized delicatessen.

2. Fresh oregano leaves complement the savory taste of peppered Wisconsin Romano in the Roman Bite. Or use a simplified version with similar taste, by placing torn oregano leaves alongside Wisconsin Pepato, a peppery and robust cheese.

3. A cube of buttery Wisconsin Havarti serves as a creamy base for fresh baby dill, lox and salty caper berry on the Smorg-More Pick.


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4. Go bold with a mixture of salsa, cilantro and Wisconsin Monterey Jack in the Tex Mex Bite. Bonus points if your salsa also hails from your garden.

5. Fresh-picked parsley and Wisconsin Sharp Provolone partner with bits of salami, artichoke, red pepper and caper berry to create a brunch-worthy Antipasti Pick.

6. A cool Watermelon Bite topped with Wisconsin Feta and mint will keep you fresh when the sun gets hot.