Memorial Day Weekend Recipe Inspiration

memorial day weekend recipe inspiration salad brick cheese parmesan casserole yogurt shake corn cakes

by Wisconsin Cheese

memorial day weekend recipe inspiration salad brick cheese parmesan casserole yogurt shake corn cakes

As we remember those who have served our country, we are often grateful for an extended Memorial Day Weekend – promising more time to share with family and friends. Even with just an extra day, the long weekend is a great opportunity to turn your kitchen into a welcoming place for family and friends to gather and make meal planning and preparation a collaborative and fun effort.

With June, National Dairy Month, just around the corner, celebrate summer with fresh recipes from the Dairy Days of Summer website, which is full of delectable dishes featuring Wisconsin Dairy. Whether looking for a sweet breakfast dish or savory side plate, you will find fresh options to fill your table all weekend long.

Jumpstart your Saturday with a Frozen Yogurt Shake and fruit, or take your time with a stack of delicious Corn Cakes & Wisconsin Queso Fresco Salsa. Lunch light with a Berry Fresh Brick Cheese Salad, so you leave plenty of room for a savory Cauliflower Cheese Casserole at dinner.

dairy days of summer memorial day weekend recipe inspiration raspberry soup cream cheese cheesecake cottage cheese tart

Have a relaxing Sunday brunch featuring a bacon and egg Cottage Cheese Tart with Wisconsin Asiago Cheese. Keep a leisurely schedule with a late afternoon lunch of soup and salad – Baby Greens Salad with Strawberries and Wisconsin Blue Cheese and a Chilled Raspberry Yogurt Soup are perfectly matched.

dairy days of summer recipe inspiration cheese curds savory french toast breakfast fondue green scramble

And finally, Memorial Day is the perfect time to incorporate a few of your favorite comfort foods. The Breakfast Fondue is an easy option when serving a larger group, while the Greek Breakfast Pockets and Savory French Toast Sandwich are reliably satisfying meals for a family of four or less. But no matter the time or number of table guests, you can never have enough of these Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese Curds with Roasted Tomato Coulis.

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