June Cheese of the Month: Colby

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by Wisconsin Cheese

Our cheese of the month in June is a true Wisconsin original. Earning its name from the city of Colby, Wisconsin, where the cheese was first made in 1885, Wisconsin Colby is sometimes referred to as “Longhorn” cheese because it is often made in a long, cylindrical shape.

Tasting similar to young Cheddar, but with a higher moisture content and therefore softer texture, Wisconsin Colby is an ideal cheese for melting and is often used in casseroles, baked goods and hot dips.

wisconin cheese nachos colby jack cheese crab recipe

Try shredded Colby atop a hot bowl of Three Bean Chili for a hearty lunch or make a scrumptious plate of Wisconsin Colby Jack Crab Nachos for a delicious gooey appetizer.