Announcing: The Grilled Cheese Academy Recipe Showdown Winners

grilled cheese academy showdown 2013 wisconsin cheese

by Wisconsin Cheese

grilled cheese academy showdown 2013 wisconsin cheese

The time has come. We have taste-tested and judged an ample amount of grilled cheese recipes with the help of Chef Tory Miller and guest judge Heidi Larsen of FoodieCrush and have found our winning entries. Without further ado, here are your top three winning recipes from The 2013 Grilled Cheese Academy Recipe Showdown:


Gold Skillet Award Winner



The Kennebunkport

Submitted by Veronica Callaghan


grilled cheese academy kennebunkport winner gold skillet prize cheese grilled wisconsin mascarpone lobster recipe

Ingredients: A creamier and cheesier take on a traditional lobster roll gives The Kennebunkport a stand-out profile of texture and taste with Wisconsin MascarponeWisconsin Provolone, lobster, diced tomatoes, sliced scallions, arugula, chili paste, butter and white bread.

“Lobster? Arugula? Spicy chili paste? This was a clear winner in my book because the flavors melded so perfectly with the creamy Wisconsin Mascarpone in a unique and spiced-up way. It was a kicked-up version of a classic lobster roll, and so much more.”

–      Heidi Larsen

Guest judge and blogger at FoodieCrush

Silver Spatula Award Winners


The Hotlanta

Submitted by Shannon Kohn


grilled cheese academy winner silver spatula wisconsin cheese  

Ingredients: A bold mix of smoky and sweet, The Hotlanta uses Wisconsin Pepper JackWisconsin Smoked Gouda, fried chicken tenders, chopped peaches, maple syrup, chopped jalapeño peppers, chopped pecans, butter and sourdough bread.

“Any Southerner will raise the roof with praise for this rendition of chicken and waffles stacked between two slices of bread. Enveloped in melty Wisconsin Pepper Jack and Smoked Gouda, the sweetness of the peaches and drip of maple syrup made for a serious 5-napkin wiping affair. With pleasure.”

–      Heidi Larsen

Guest judge and blogger at FoodieCrush


The Ranchero

Submitted by Malcolm Bedell 


ranchero winner grilled cheese academy showdown wisconsin cheese artisan cheese recipe

Ingredients: The south-of-the-border influence brings a full-on flavor combination in The Ranchero with Wisconsin Pepper JackWisconsin American Cheese, ground Mexican chorizo, sliced onion, potato puffs, sliced pickled jalapeños, butter and white bread.

“Don’t be fooled by the spicy sound of The Ranchero. While the Mexican chorizo, Wisconsin Pepper Jack and pickled jalapeños gave it a classic Mexican kick, the potato puffs and creamy Wisconsin American Cheese created a perfectly balanced grilled cheese that was soooo hard to put down.”

–      Heidi Larsen

Guest judge and blogger at FoodieCrush 

Thank you to everyone who submitted recipes and congratulations to Veronica, Shannon and Malcolm who will be receiving the following awards:

grilled cheese academy showdown prizes wisconsin cheese

All three recipes are now available at You will be able to download and print the eleven winning recipes in the official 2013 Grilled Cheese Academy Recipe Book, available in October.