Enjoy Wisconsin Cheese: For National Pizza Month

wisconsin cheese, cheese, pizza, food, recipes, yum, blogger, eat, pizza month,

by Wisconsin Cheese

wisconsin cheese, cheese, pizza, food, recipes, yum, blogger, eat, pizza month, 

October is National Pizza Month, and it is the perfect reason to get creative with Wisconsin Cheese. Dish up one of these delicious pizzas featuring fresh ideas and ingredients:

  1. Wisconsin Brie, Basil & Nectarine Pizza: Reminisce with memories of the warm days of summer with a pizza featuring nectarines, fresh basil and rich, creamy Wisconsin Brie by blogger Beka Watts.
  2. Figgy Mushroom Pizza with Wisconsin Blue Cheese: Guest blogger Kath Eats combines simple ingredients for complex flavor. Featuring Wisconsin Blue Cheese and a beautiful blend of figs, sautéed mushrooms and red peppers, this pizza pie is rich and filling.
  3. Grilled Fresh Mozzarella, Sausage, Pepper & Onion Pizza: Julie of Mommie Cooks shares a magic formula for crispy, delectable pizza crust that will rival any thin crust joint you frequent. Top it with Fresh Wisconsin Mozzarella, your favorite vegetables and sausage to create a classic crowd pleaser.
  4. Wisconsin Three-Cheese Flatbread: Craving something cheesy? This simple flatbread recipe by Rachel of Elephantine Blog is the perfect way to highlight some of your favorite Wisconsin Cheeses: Wisconsin GoudaParmesan and Mozzarella.

Need more pizza recipes to last you through the winter months? Check out these for added inspiration: