Cheese of the Month: Juustoleipa

Juustoleipa cheese of the month wisconsin

by Wisconsin Cheese

Juustoleipa cheese of the month wisconsin

We will be celebrating National Dairy Month, Father’s Day and the start of summer all in the month of June. This month also marks the unofficial beginning of grilling season.

In step with these events, we have selected a Cheese of the Month that is especially suited for summer, as it is one of the few cheeses you can actually grill, Wisconsin juustoleipa. Also known as “bread cheese,” juustoleipa has a unique texture that allows the outside to remain firm when grilled, while the inside melts, creating a wonderful bite of both crispy and gooey cheese.

This month we will be sharing several simple recipes that use Wisconsin juustoleipa, but in the meantime you can find delicious recipes at, such as Balsamic Bread Cheese Kabobs or an Eggplant and Bread Cheese Sandwich.