Happy National Cheeseburger Day!


by Wisconsin Cheese


While hamburgers make a fine meal, adding a slice of Wisconsin cheese (or three) makes a meal worth celebrating. In fact, September 18 has been deemed National Cheeseburger Day!

The Cheese & Burger Society was created to serve as an excellent resource for days like today. Browse the selection of 40 mouthwatering cheeseburger recipes at www.CheeseAndBurger.com to find the perfect combination of ingredients for your taste buds, or read our suggestions below for a meal dedicated to National Cheeseburger Day.


If you’re looking to celebrate early, choose from these heartier versions with bacon and eggs, The Highwayman or The Denver.


For a midday meal, bite into a burger with a few more greens, such as The Seattle or The Bohemian.


And when it comes to dinnertime, there should be no shortage of beef or Wisconsin Cheese. Go with The Lumberjack, The Couch Potato, The Sheboygan or The Macho Nacho to pay tribute to this most delicious day.