Cheeseboard Inspiration for National Nut Day


by Wisconsin Cheese


In case you forgot to mark your calendar, today is National Nut Day! Nuts have long been a welcome item on cheeseboards, providing the right amount of crunch to accompany most cheese varieties. Here are some of the most popular nuts to pair with Wisconsin Cheese:

  • Walnuts: The earthy flavor and dry texture of walnuts pair nicely with aged cheeses, such as an aged Wisconsin cheddar or asiago. Or drizzle with honey to pair with a softer cheese, such as Wisconsin gorgonzola or blue cheese.
  • Pistachios: These green and purple nuts add a nice splash of color. Their delicate buttery flavor goes best with soft cheeses such as Wisconsin ricotta or brie.
  • Almonds: Available in many forms – raw, roasted and/or salted – almonds are a great choice for pairing with most cheese varieties that are semi-soft to firm.
  • Pecans: With their natural sweetness, pecans complement the salt in cheese. Try using a candied or spiced variety alongside salty cheeses, such as Wisconsin romano or feta.