Cheese of the Month: Wisconsin Swiss


by Wisconsin Cheese


Wisconsin swiss cheese is our Cheese of the Month for November and it is the perfect cheese for the season. Swiss pairs with apples, pears, peaches and grapes and is often used to flavor warm foods like casseroles, fondues and quiches. This cheese is full-flavored, buttery and nutty, with characteristic holes called eyes. Aged at least 60 days, Wisconsin swiss is available in several varieties, including smoked, aged, low-sodium and lacey (with smaller, lace-like holes).

An easy and delicious way to use Wisconsin swiss is in this unique version of melba toast, pictured above. Place carved ham and fresh sliced peaches on toast, cover with slices of Wisconsin swiss, and heat under a broiler until cheese is just melted. Sprinkle with fresh thyme, salt and pepper to taste.

Here are four more classic recipes that feature Wisconsin swiss: