Building a Wisconsin Cheese Board with Bon Appétit


CheeseBoard-Appetizerby Wisconsin Cheese

The cheese board is a host’s best entertaining secret. They’re easy to prep in advance, but boast a serious wow factor. Watch and listen as Bon Appétit’s executive chef Mary Nolan shares her tips on crafting a wonderfully balanced and tasty Wisconsin Cheese board.

Here are three tips to get you started: 

  • Incorporate different flavors, colors and textures with your cheese selections
  • Choose three to five cheeses so guests don’t feel overwhelmed with options
  • Encourage guests to start with the mildest cheese and work up to the sharpest

You could also create a themed cheese board to serve as an appetizer or dessert, and with over 600 varieties, types and styles, Wisconsin has delicious and artisanal options perfect for any occasion. Visit Wisconsin Cheese’s website for more tips and great ideas.