A Cheese Cupid Giveaway & Pairing: Brown Porter + Wisconsin Gouda


by Erin of Law Student’s Wife


As a transplant to Wisconsin, I was immediately smitten with two of the state’s greatest offerings: fantastic beer and fabulous cheese. While I certainly appreciate the two separately, I’ve found that they are even better together. One of my favorite pairings is Wisconsin gouda cheese and porter beer.


Gouda is a cheese for all people. It’s buttery, ultra creamy and generally irresistible. Porters are a bit more adventurous. Dark and medium-bodied, porters can have a touch of bitterness and even notes of chocolate and coffee. Their slight edge makes them ideal for pairing with gouda. The robustness of a porter cuts through the richness of the gouda, and its mild chocolate notes enhance the light nutty, fruity flavors.


Although this pairing is wonderful enjoyed as is — a plate of gouda washed down with a delicious porter — the two are also excellent when cooked together. Try a porter and gouda fondue or beer cheese dip. You could even melt gouda on your favorite pizza, then serve it with a porter. In any form, these two are a heavenly match you’ll be eager to munch.


Cheese Cupid Giveaway: $25 worth of Wisconsin Cheese & Set of Cheese Knives

Now that you’ve seen the beverage Erin of Law Student’s Wife pairs with gouda, are you ready to create your own pairing? We are giving away $25 worth of Wisconsin Cheese and one set of cheese knives, like the one seen in the photos above, to a lucky winner!

To enter, visit the Cheese Cupid Facebook page and 1.) “like” the post featuring the pairing above, and 2.) post a photo in the comments showing us a Wisconsin Cheese pairing of your own!

Full Contest Details:

How to Enter:

The giveaway is open for entry from Dec. 7 through Dec. 13, 2014.

1.)      Visit the Cheese Cupid Facebook page and “like” the post featuring the pairing above.

2.)      Post a photo in the comments of a Wisconsin Cheese pairing you are enjoying or have enjoyed recently.

Official Rules:

  • Entrants must be U.S. residents aged 21 or older.
  • Entries are limited to one per household.
  • One entry will be chosen at random as the winner.
  • Entry period ends Saturday, Dec. 13, after 11:59 p.m. EST.

The winner will be announced within the same Facebook post on Dec. 14, 2014.