Host-Friendly Hors d’Oeuvres from Grate. Pair. Share.


by Wisconsin Cheese


The key to successfully hosting and enjoying a holiday event is to serve appetizers that are simple in preparation but big on flavor. The Grate. Pair. Share. holiday issue has a collection of seasonal recipes that have passed this test and are ready for you to serve (and enjoy) this season. From updated traditional recipes to brand new blends of flavors, it is your guide to the best holiday bites!


Cheese balls are a holiday staple for good reason. They are endlessly adaptable and come with a dose of nostalgia. Jill and Colleen at Cheese and Champagne created three new cheese ball recipes that shake up fun flavors – click the links below for the full recipes.

Another appetizer that is easy for guests to serve themselves is a warm and cheesy fondue. Fondues work well for intimate dinner parties or as part of a holiday buffet. Nora Singley, a former cheesemonger in New York, shares her traditional recipe for a wonderfully decadent holiday meal: Fontina, Swiss & Pancetta Fondue.


Picks and small bites are also great options for entertaining as they can be prepared in advance and are easy to eat as finger food. Sara Hill, our Manager of Cheese Education and Training, shared a few tips for serving food on a stick:

  • Arrange bites on a pretty platter or stick the ends of picks into a vegetable or fruit, like an eggplant or melon, for a fun base to support the picks
  • Plan to serve 2-3 appetizer bites per person
  • 4-inch skewers seem to work the best for serving appetizers because they make it easy to eat without getting your hands dirty

Visit to see the full collection of the various appetizer recipes, from Club Sandwich Bites to Curried Mascarpone Dates!