Wisconsin Ricotta: Your Dish Is My Command


by Wisconsin cheese


This month we highlighted a selection of past recipes that use Wisconsin ricotta, as well as added a few delicious new ones. Megan of Take a Megabite helped us celebrate Mardi Gras with Sweet and Savory Mardi Gras Fritters, Kylie Turley of KylieTurley.com shared her decadent dessert recipe for Mini Ricotta and Chocolate Foam Cakes, and at the beginning of the month we shared our new appetizer recipe for Wisconsin Ricotta with Tomato and Bread Salad.

Wisconsin ricotta is a diverse and versatile cheese. Feeling like something sweet after dinner? Ricotta creates soft cookies and velvety pies. Craving something saltier and rich? A warm side dish or creamy spread with ricotta will hit the spot. Here are some of our favorite ricotta recipes that are sure to satisfy your mood – sweet or savory.


Savory recipes:


Sweet recipes: