Championship Wisconsin Cheese Pairings


by Wisconsin cheese


Wisconsin dominated the 2015 U.S. Championship Cheese Contest in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, last week, sweeping more than one third of the categories judged. This year’s contest drew a record-breaking 1,892 entries from 28 states. Wisconsin captured 59 percent of awards: 160 of the total 270 given, far more than any other state.

We’re proud of the awards Wisconsin takes home for our cheese each year, and happy to have another excuse to eat them! And there’s really no greater glory than impressing all of your friends by serving award-winning cheese with the perfect accompaniments.

With 160 winners just this year, how could you possibly know where to start? We’ve developed the ultimate guide for what to pair with some of this year’s winners. From beer and wine to fruit, nuts and more– here’s how to make each shine at your next party.


  • Mill Creek Brick Cheese, 2015 First Runner Up

Pair with: beef salami, rye bread, brown mustard, pilsner

  • Land O’Lakes Medium Cheddar, 2015 Second Runner Up

Pair with: Kettle corn, Moscow mule cocktail

  • Agropur Feta

Pair with: Kalamata olive tapenade, pita triangles, gin and tonic


  • BelGioioso American Grana Aged Parmesan

Pair with: prosciutto, rosemary, Pinot grigio

  • Edelweiss Creamery Dill Havarti

Pair with: chilled shrimp, cucumber, chardonnay

  • Crave Brothers Farmstead Fresh Mozzarella

Pair with: grilled peaches, balsamic glaze, crostini, prosecco


  • Lactalis Camembert

Pair with: cherries, sliced toasted almonds, pound cake, honey, rosé wine

  • Holland’s Marieke Gouda

Pair with: almond toffee, iced coffee

  • Roelli Extra Aged Alpine Cheese

Pair with: candied walnuts, dried apricots, Riesling


  • Roth GranQueso Reserve

Pair with: quince paste, Serrano ham, almonds, Rioja wine

  • Saxon Creamery Snowfields

Pair with: fennel, salami, olives, Sauvingnon blanc

  • Sartori Limited Edition Pastorale Blend

Pair with: nuts, chocolate, porter


  • Uplands Extra Aged Pleasant Ridge Reserve

Pair with: cherry preserves, Belgian tripel ale

  • Pasture Pride Traditional Juustoleipa

Grill or sauté and pair with: honey, red chile flakes, sparkling cider


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