Do You Have What it Takes to Win the 2015 Grilled Cheese Recipe Showdown?


by Wisconsin cheese


In celebration of National Grilled Cheese Month, we are excited to announce the start of our annual recipe contest! The 2015 Grilled Cheese Recipe Showdown is here and it’s bigger than ever with a total of $28,500 in prizes.

The esteemed Grilled Cheese Academy, our website dedicated to grilled cheese deliciousness, is hosting the contest in search of the tastiest grilled cheese creations of 2015. To enter, create your best original grilled cheese sandwich recipe and submit it with a photo of the final sandwich at

Below is more information about the contest, how to enter and additional giveaways throughout the month. Fire up your panini press, stove or whatever else you’ll use to make the perfect grilled cheese! We can’t wait to see your creations.

Full Contest Details:

Enter by: May 15, 2015

Where to enter: The Grilled Cheese Academy website

Entry requirements:
–       An original grilled cheese recipe using Wisconsin cheese
–       Title of your grilled cheese recipe
–       Photograph of your final plated grilled cheese sandwich

Submissions are judged by:
–       Use of Wisconsin cheese
–       Recipe quality
–       Quality of photograph
–       Creativity

Gold Award – $15,000
Silver Award – $5,000
Bronze Award – $3,000
Three Judges’ Choice Awards – Each $1,500

Expert tip:
Download our printable Entry Checklist here (with entry tips included) to take with you to the grocery store or to put on your refrigerator as a reminder! Also, be sure to check out the amazing creations from previous winners to get some recipe inspiration.

+ More ways to win:

Make sure you are a fan of The Grilled Cheese Academy on Facebook because every Monday during the contest time period one of our five Grilled Cheese Insiders will share their expert recipe inspiration and grilled cheese tips.

Each Grilled Cheese Insider will be giving away an awesome prize package worth $250. Prize packages will include some of the best of the best when it comes to grilled-cheese-making tools, including items from Le Creuset, Lodge, Boska Holland and, of course, Wisconsin cheese.

Visit The Grilled Cheese Academy on Facebook weekly to stay up-to-date.

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