Four Ways to Upgrade Your Ham Sandwich


by Wisconsin cheese

No offense to ham, but a ham sandwich just can’t compare to a ham and Swiss sandwich, complete with several slices of delicious Wisconsin Swiss cheese. This layering of cheese on fresh deli-sliced ham makes all the difference to your taste buds. Here are four more ways to upgrade your ham sandwich to go from ordinary to extraordinary!


Make it a Cuban

Pile on the Wisconsin Swiss with mustard, butter pickles and bacon for a warm and savory sandwich full of flavor.


Make it like Mom did

Wrap all the goods – ham, mustard and Wisconsin Swiss – in flaky, buttery puff pastry for a comfort food just like Mom used to make.


Make it transportable

If you need to be on the go over lunch time, this race-stoppin’ wrap will keep your rest stop to a minimum.


Feed a crowd

Have multiple mouths to feed? This pull apart approach will have everyone’s bellies full in no time.