Reminder: Enter Your Best Grilled Cheese Recipe by May 15


by Wisconsin Cheese


Sadly, National Grilled Cheese Month is coming to a close. But don’t despair: the 2015 Grilled Cheese Recipe Showdown is open for entry through May 15! A total of six grilled cheese recipes will be awarded cash prizes. Enter your original recipe for a chance to win a $15,000 first prize, $5,000 second prize, $3,000 third prize or one of three $1,500 judges’ choice prizes.

Still perfecting your entry? We have been getting expert tips from our Grilled Cheese Insiders to help you make your most delicious grilled cheese yet. Read on to see what experienced food bloggers have to say about refining the grilled cheese process, as well as answers to some frequently asked questions.


Master the Melt

“If your cheeses aren’t melting as quickly or smoothly as you’d like (especially if you are using pre-shredded cheeses), add one teaspoon of water to the edge of the pan and quickly cover with the lid. This helps steam the cheese and it melts beautifully!”

–        Mary of Barefeet in the Kitchen, 2015 Grilled Cheese Insider



Don’t Underestimate the Bread

“Start out with some really good bread. None of that white, inexpensive, very little flavor stuff.
You want something that will contain all the inside goodness and add some extra taste. The bread is like a book cover – it needs to look really great and it’s critical because it holds the jewels inside.”

–        Lynne of 365 Days of Baking and More, 2015 Grilled Cheese Insider


Use Cheese at Room Temperature

“Take the cheese out of the refrigerator and let it come to room temperature before cooking, this will help the cheese melt faster.”

–        Donna of The Slow Roasted Italian, 2015 Grilled Cheese Insider

FAQ’s from our Grilled Cheese Showdown Contestants

Q: Can I use any type of cheese in my recipe?

A: Your entry can include any cow’s milk cheese from a Wisconsin cheesemaker. Look for this Wisconsin cheese logo on the label for a quick way to spot Wisconsin cheese.


Q: How many ingredients can my sandwich have?

A: Your sandwich can have as many ingredients as you wish. However, take care to not overpower your cheese – it should be the star of the recipe.

Q: I don’t have a great camera to take my sandwich photo, can I still enter?

A: Yes! You don’t need an amazing camera to take a good photo; even a camera on a phone will work. Just remember to use plenty of natural light by taking your photo either outside or by big windows. Also, make sure to capture your whole sandwich by not cropping the image too tight.

Q: Does my sandwich need to be in standard sandwich format – two pieces of bread and ingredients in between?

A: No, feel free to get creative with your grilled cheese recipe and deviate from the classic sandwich! We already have some open-faced sandwiches – like The Appleton and The Drake – as well as some creative versions of bread – like The Temptress and The Amelia.

Q: Can I enter more than one sandwich?

A: Yes, if you have more than one original recipe, feel free to enter them all. Keep in mind each sandwich must have its own unique recipe, photo, title and description. To help you keep your entries straight in the kitchen, click here to download our helpful entry checklist

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Good luck and happy cooking!