Five Ways to Eat Pimento Cheese This Summer


By Wisconsin cheese

Warmly referenced as Carolina Caviar or Southern Paté, pimento cheese is a Southern culinary classic. While it is near and dear to every Southerner’s heart, it has grown to be incredibly popular, not just in the South, but across the country. The pimento cheese of the past is still a reliable recipe, but it has come a long way since its rise to fame in the early 1900s. You can now find pimento cheese inspired dips, side salads and sauces or on burgers and in gourmet sandwiches. Here are five new ways to get your pimento cheese fix:


Spread It

The simplest and most obvious way to enjoy pimento cheese would be to eat it by the spoonful. While this is a tempting option (we won’t judge!), we’d recommend creating a fresh batch of Pimento Cheese Spread for crackers, toast or crostini. You’ll still get the full flavor impact of the cheese, but with a great crunch.


In a Salad

Speaking of eating by the spoonful, you can also use pimento cheese to make a zesty side salad. This Pimento Cheese Macaroni Salad recipe uses Wisconsin cheddar and gouda to make an extra cheesy pimento cheese, and then adds noodles, hot sauce, a touch of sugar and green onions to create a unique pasta salad.


In a Sandwich

The original and most common way to eat pimento cheese is by spreading it thinly between two slices of bread to create a sandwich. However, to give it some heft, this Pimento Cheese Club recipe adds turkey, ham and apple slices.


In a Cheese Ball

Make a wonderful appetizer with this recipe for Pimento Cheese Ball with Salted Pecans.. Just add crackers or bread slices and you’re ready to entertain guests pre-dinner or during a casual get-together.


In a Grilled Cheese

Although pimento cheese is generally enjoyed cold or at room temperature, warming or toasting on a grilled cheese gives the cheese a super gooey and all the more delicious texture. Don’t forget the napkins with this Pimento Grilled Cheese!

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