Green Bay Football Sweepstakes Presents: The Cheesy Cheeseburger Naming Contest


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The Pineapple Jack Attack

By Matt of Real Food by Dad

That’s right, this over-the-top mega-burger is in need of a name! Made with both rib-eye and ground chuck, the burger patty alone is bursting with flavor. This spicy – yet sweet recipe tops the patty with pastrami, crispy and grilled onions, jalapeños for some heat, grilled pineapple slices for some acidity and added sweetness, chipotle aioli and last but not least —Wisconsin pepper jack cheese for even more heat, added zip and creamy richness.

This is the kind of burger that will make your next tailgating party the talk of the season.


Speaking of tailgating, my favorite time of the year is right around the corner — football season. I’m not much for making “long-winded food,” so a good burger recipe with lots of fixing options is my go-to tailgating spread. Just throw all the add-ins on a table and let your friends and family assemble their own burger for a fun, interactive tailgate. You can’t go wrong.


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Now that I have your attention, get busy and grab the recipe below, and let’s do some tailgating.


The Pineapple Jack Attack
By Matt of Real Food by Dad
Servings: 4



1/4 cup chipotle aioli*

1 pound 20 percent fat ground beef chuck

1/2 pound ground rib-eye beef steak

1 1/4 teaspoons kosher salt

1/2 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper

4 hamburger buns

4 tablespoons Sriracha sauce

4 thick slices (about 1 1/2 ounces each) Wisconsin pepper jack cheese

10 ounces sliced pastrami

1/2 cup sliced onions, grilled

8 pineapple slices, grilled

1/3 cup sliced canned jalapeño chile

1/3 cup canned French fried onions


Cooking Directions:


Heat cast iron skillet over medium-high until sizzling hot.


Using your hands, blend chuck and rib-eye; divide mixture into four equal parts. Shape each portion into round patty, about 3/4-inch thick and 4-inches in diameter.


Season 1 side of each patty with salt and pepper. Place seasoned-side–down in hot skillet. Cook until bottom side is browned and crusty, about 5-7 minutes. Meanwhile, prepare buns by smearing inside of bottom bun with chipotle aioli and drizzling Sriracha sauce on inside of top bun.


Season top side of patties and flip. Place cheese over browned side of patties. Cook patties to desired doneness. Transfer burger patties to bun bottoms and cool 2-3 minutes.


Layer patties with pastrami, grilled onions, pineapple slices, jalapeños and crispy onions. Place bun tops over.


* For chipotle aioli, stir a bit of the sauce of canned chipotle chiles in adobo into your favorite mayonnaise.