4 Easy Weeknight Dinners


by Wisconsin cheese


Going back to school requires new bed times, homework to finish, after-school activities to juggle, and all-around craziness. That’s why we’re sharing our favorite recipes featuring simple ingredients and pantry staples, so one thing stays the same — you can easily feed your family delicious, quality weeknight dinners they’ll look forward to.


Tomato and Fontina Tart

Take Monday night dinners from the mundane to magnificent with this flaky puff pastry tart layered with pesto, in-season tomatoes and melted Wisconsin fontina cheese. Serve the tart with a side salad, or top it with cooked sausage for a heartier meal. With just a few ingredients to prep and convenient store-bought pesto and pastry, you’ll have plenty of hands-free time to help with homework or set the table while the tomatoes and tart bake in the oven.

Recipe Tip: Did you know that Wisconsin cheesemakers produce three styles of semi-soft fontina cheese? Check out our cheesecyclopedia for more information on what style you might like.


Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich

Creamy, mild Wisconsin provolone cheese melts to gooey perfection over grilled onion, green pepper and savory sirloin steak stuffed inside toasted, golden rolls. This sandwich is tastier than any sub shop or store-bought version, and your family’s going to be glad you cooked at home tonight.

Recipe Tip: Grill the green pepper and onion ahead of time to save time. Cut into strips, cool and store the pepper-onion mixture covered in the refrigerator until you’re ready for dinner. Just before topping the sandwiches, warm the mixture in the microwave or stovetop.


Chicken Parmigiana

There’s a pretty good chance that you’ll have most of the pantry ingredients on hand to make this dish without going to the store for groceries. Eggs, bread crumbs, Wisconsin parmesan cheese and store-bought marinara turn everyday chicken breasts into favorite Italian fare. Wisconsin mozzarella cheese is baked on top making this entree the ultimate comfort food.

Recipe Tip: Serve with cooked spaghetti, or try it on top of roasted spaghetti squash to add veggies with a unique texture and flavor twist.


Cool Shrimp Tacos

Picky eaters? Each member of the family can fix these tacos the way they like them. They’re served family-style, and garnished with Wisconsin colby-jack cheese and salsa like traditional tacos. What makes these shrimp tacos different is the creamy Wisconsin sour cream dressing jazzed up with lemon juice and packaged taco seasoning; it adds a zesty flavor to the fresh medley of cucumber, green onions and avocados. This might just become your new way to serve sour cream.

Recipe Tip: Looking for a substitution for the shrimp? Store-bought, shredded rotisserie chicken would also work. Add the taco seasoning gradually and taste as you go, because the chicken may already be seasoned and saltier than the cooked shrimp.

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